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Why Blockchain Bank?

Originally, Blockchain Bank wasn’t about global remittance so much as a response to the frustration we felt over how antiquated the traditional banks operated. Working with different banks for different companies required sending numerous large bank transfers everyday, which was — to put it mildly — a horrible experience.

The extremely long wait time it took to open a traditional bank account, the annoying customer service experience just to make small changes to your account, and the daily bank visits due to antiquated payment transfer verification methods.

Over time this list only continued to grow with issues such as the arbitrary limitations on how much money can be transferred each day, wire transfers couldn’t be completed between Friday and Monday, and it could take several days to complete an ACH transfer.

Traditional banks allowed us to earn 1% APR by locking up funds in an annual savings account so they could lend it back out to us at 22% APR through a company credit card, and every basic feature had ridiculously high fees.

Traditional Banking Held Us Back

Between all of their frustrating rules, restrictions, and god-like powers, our main hurdle was that we could not automate our accounting processes without compromising security and giving account logins to employees that should not have had full access to the bank accounts.

Finally came the random impersonal closures of bank accounts by mail because of the bank secret policy on what you can and cannot spend your own money on when it comes to controversial products or they did not like the combination of your payment activity combined with the moot name of your company.

When we started to analyze the long list of grievances with traditional banking, we decided to build our own Blockchain Bank and build a layer on top of the traditional banking system.

Thanks to our partnerships with regulated leaders of fintech, we’ve successfully built a new kind of banking system for our angel investment firm to manage our investment portfolio of company bank accounts. We were so thrilled with what we’ve built for ourselves that we’ve decided to release it to the world as Blockchain Bank so everyone else could enjoy it as well.

What Is Blockchain Bank?

Blockchain Bank utilizes stable digital currencies (also known as stablecoins) that are able to move over the internet on a blockchain between two people in two different parts of the world for free and in real time.

Through the successful integration of cryptography, blockchain, and smart contracts, our team has successfully engineered an innovative borderless bank system that is practical for everyday use.

For those of us residing in advanced economies which already have comparatively free, secure, convenient, and efficient value storage and bank transfer systems, the idea behind Blockchain Bank might not seem all that unique. In order to truly understand the value of Blockchain Banking, you must look outside of your own environment and peer into the corners of the world where these value transfer systems are not the same.

Blockchain Bank will allow a son working in America to send money to his mother in the deep village of Abuja for free. A freelancer in the rural area of Manila can receive funds from an employer in London in real time.

A technology company in Kyiv can pay their local employees in US dollars. A father in New York can send allowance money to his eight-year-old daughter into her high interest savings account.

Blockchain Bank is a robust platform that is paving the way forward in the evolution of traditional finance. Having access to a borderless blockchain bank has only recently been made possible.

Use Your Crypto as Easy as Money!

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We are here to answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
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